Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sadly, they're taking my Mega Hits away

Yes, the dastardly folks at MTVN (that's MTV Networks for regular non-media types) are pulling the plug on VH1 Mega Hits. A shame really, considering that was probably the best place to see modern rock videos that were off the beaten path, as well as those classics from the 90s.

A little bit of background, mainly because I'm too lazy to go dig up the article and link it here. VH1MH is part of a digital package of channels offered up by MTVN. MTV Hits/Jams, VH1 Classic/Country/Soul, Nick Toons/GAS, are all part of this package. Most run commerical free, mainly running station promos as breaks. (Which always cracks me up because VH1 Country will run VH1 main promos that just look so out of place there.)

What will replace VH1MH largely depends on your location. MTVN's new channed aimed at the gay community, Logo, will take it place on the satellite, but that doesn't exactly mean your cable provider will use Logo to fill the space soon to be created in the channel lineup.

Either way, I tip some sort of beverage to your memory, VH1 Mega Hits. There will be soon one less reason to not watch Cinemax after Dark on my digital cable.


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