Thursday, November 25, 2004

Godalmighty I'm up late.

Late being a relative term, mind you.

I wouldn't be up this late if I hadn't started watching a movie called 100 Women. Or Girl Fever, as it is also known. Made by the same guy who did 100 Girls, which I've also seen. And they're pretty much the same movie, really. And both are decent.

See what happens when I stay up late without a coherent thought? The rambling begins.

Whatever. Mind's off track now. About a billion different tangents are running through it at the moment and trying to pick just one is like trying to decide what to use your first dollar of a million on. So many choices, how to pick just one.

Hm. Never thought of it like that before. You have a million dollars, how do you spend the first one? After that one is gone, you have plenty remaining to spend. And I'm sure after someone wins a lottery or just plain earns the damn money, they probably all think about the big things they're going to do with the money. Vacation....set up trust fund for the kids, make sure they go to college....maybe a new car...maybe a Rolls...after all you have money.

Do you think any of the millionaires, once they had their money, put in a huge pile and looked at one dollar and said "What does this dollar go to?"

Does it limit your choices? Does it make your choices infinite?

I bet Uncle Scrooge NEVER had this problem. But then he swam in his money. Never could figure out how you dive into a big pile of gold coins and not just go "ow". But then, I'm not a really rich duck.

Donald was always my favorite character, in case you absolutely could not sleep tonight without knowing that.

Maybe you could make this whole dollar thing a little harder by adding the condition that whatever you spent it on, it could be no more than a less too. And to really make it fun, that includes tax.

You could buy two 50 cent Cokes. That's about all I can think of at the moment.

What if that was a condition to your million? Can't have the rest until you spend this one dollar. And you can't just buy two Cokes.

Or would you never spend it, because you could never decide how to start? Or just start that small.

You have it. You can buy big things. But you have to start small.

When I get on something like this, I wonder if I'm the first one to think of it. Or is someone thinking the same thing at the same time.

Either is possible.

I really should just go look for directions to Little Rock.


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