Thursday, June 30, 2005

Exactly why do some folks blame the media for causing this? - MLB - Cameraman files police report after tussle with Rogers

So there are some out there that say the blame in this lies in the cameramen. Because obviously they instigated this, because they wouldn't get "the camera out of his face", to paraphrase callers I heard on ESPN Radio this morning.

See, these people don't understand the media's role. Yes, they are times when the media gets too close. But in this case, they would have to be sticking a camera in Rogers' face at his house at 3 in the morning to justify Rogers' reaction.

However, these camera guys are DOING THEIR JOB. A lot of folks outside media don't realize this. I work in the field. Not a cameraman, mind you, but I'm in the field. These people don't realize that the cameraman's job is to put the lens on Rogers' if that's what their boss told them to do. Now, granted, the camera guy shouldn't get 2 inches away from him while doing so, but if the camera guy is supposed to be covering the Rangers, he's going to cover the Rangers.

Rogers can't tell him to leave, only the cameraguy's boss can. Now, my boy lugging the lens can't go right up in his face, but if he's simply shooting pre-game warmups at a respectable distance, then he's doing no wrong. When Rogers approaches the guy and gets in the camera guy's face, the fault lies in Rogers.

I'm sorry, but sometimes, you can not blame the media, as much as you would like to. Kenny's went off the chain here, and I hope he receives some sort of punishment for it, whether it handed down in-house by the Rangers or by MLB themselves, or possibly by the local authorities.


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