Sunday, December 05, 2004

I never get THAT emotional.

Except tonight, apparently.

So on my long list of cable channels, up pops Big Fish. I had always wanted to see this movie, but I'm one of those that absolutely has to see it from the beginning. No starting in the middle for me. So catching it right from the start, and hearing my roommate tell me how good it is, I figure tonight is the night.

And what a great movie it is. Something I still enjoy, even into these adult years, is a good fairly tale. Something in me is not willing to give up on finding a good story. Something I hope I never lose, actually.

And what Big Fish is trying to find the line where truth and fantasy begin. Where you can tell a story, and tell the truth, but not.

And finding that that isn't a bad thing.

Anyways, it's probably best that I watched it by myself. Because when everything comes together...when the son GETS took me a second to realize I was crying. Openly crying, sobbing, you name it.

Surprised me really. I can get caught up in movies, TV, whatnot. I can get emotional over characters but never like that.

It's an odd feeling where you're crying...but it's a jumble of emotions.

So that said, I highly recommend this one. And maybe you should keep some Kleenex handy.

Just in case.


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