Saturday, January 22, 2005

See THIS is why I enjoy having a laptop with wirless internet. I can sit out on the porch, enjoy a nice cold beer on a nice cool night, and post to my heart's content while listening to 97X.

All in all, not the worse of fates, I must admit. Now if only I had a nicer view from my balcony.

And since I'm looking for a new place, perhaps I will upgrade that view soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005 - Entertainment - Fox To Shelve 'Who's Your Daddy?' - Entertainment - Fox To Shelve 'Who's Your Daddy?'

For those that don't know, in a rare case of things working out as they should, "Who's Your Daddy"'s first showing fell flatter than an Ohio tourist duing his or her first Mardi Gras. But here's the best quote in the whole article:

Fox entertainment president Gail Berman admitted that the network has been relying too much on reality TV. She said in its fall line-up, it "drifted to too much on the unscripted side".

This may just be the sign that the pendulum is swinging away from all these godawful reality shows that have nothing to do with reality. And I'll be happy for it, and I don't even watch that much TV to begin with. But all these shows just rub me the wrong way.

Just because I've always wanted one, I splurged and picked up a notebook today. Best Buy and their damned no interest for 12 months deals. Anyways, I now have a wireless network set up and can post from my living room. Or as what will probably happen, outside while I set on a bench and drink a beer.

Anyways, should be fun. More to come.