Tuesday, December 21, 2004

BCS minus AP equals...?

As it says here, the Associated Press is deciding to get out of the Bowl Championship Series formula.

Interesting, considering the AP poll, along with the coaches' poll, were now fairly big components in determining BCS rankings.

Now a system that has seen nothing but heat since day one (IMO) is once again gearing up for change. According to the article linked above, and another at ESPN dot com, a blue ribbon committee could soon be setting up bowl matchups. No shock there, basketball's done that for years during March Madness.

But the problem will always be that the bowls are a tradition that are trying to adapt to a playoff-minded public, and they're just not doing a good job.

That's not the bowl's fault, I think. In fact, I like the tradition that seeps through college football, and bowl games are a big part of that.

On the flip side, having SO MANY damned bowl games is diluting what the purpose of a bowl was: a reward for an amazing season, no matter who had it.

But nowadays, the sporting public has seen playoffs (whether it be a one and done or a series) determine who is the best for a championship. But college football still, in all honesty, doesn't let the teams truly decide who is number one. It's lets, in the end, something else.

It lets someone else.

The biggest problem with the BCS since day one has been humans. Let's face it: if the human can make the perfect formula to decide who's the best, then the computer should take it from there and then no one should complain. But that's what happened last year with LSU/Oklahoma/USC (and being a Tiger fan, I was quite happy with the results). It happened again with Utah and Texas this year. The problem is that no one will be happy because there's too much emotion involved.

I'm in favor for a playoff system, myself. I've heard the idea floated of using the bowl sites as playoff sites. That's a thought, but you then run the risk of outpricing a lot of fans with a lot of travel costs. You'd almost have to regionalize it a bit, kind of like college baseball and their playoff system of regionals and superregionals. That way would probably be fair, though for the life of me, I don't know how to start wrapping my head around that.

But wouldn't it attract more fans, especially from schools considered the underdog? Their fans' would have a little more to pull for, considering there's a chance your school could pull of the upset and move on to the possibility of greater things? Now, it's just an upset. Sounds like I'm slighting it, but imagine if your team not only gets an upset, but gets closer to a national championship?

The system now is trying to give a semi-playoff, with the matchup (hopefully) of 1 and 2 teams across the board: BCS, AP, Coaches. But it always ends up with someone on the outside looking in. Oklahoma and USC deserve a shot at a national title. And as much as it pains me to say it, so does Auburn. A playoff would give them a chance at that.

I think everyone would be happy then.

But then, no one's asking me for my college football thoughts.

Another e-mail post

This time to see if it will publish or not.

I can't just read one page.

So I went to megacorporatebookstore today. See, I've been helping someone move who has a ton of books, and it's given me the itch to pick up some random books, preferably ones that are on sale.

Scored another Calvin & Hobbes collection, along with some random (see a theme here?) information books.

So here's something that really interested me:

Synesthesia is a rare condition in which stimuli to one sense are perceived by other senses. Synesthetes can smell words, taste colors, and see music.

Now, wasn't there a book by someone that had a character that had that condition? I seem to remember reading something like that during my college days.

Either way, I'd love to see music.

Never let a friend eat chips in the back seat of your vehicle while drunk.

Now this is just weird.

Not bad, huh? I took that.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

You know, I just HAVE to work with someone who likes Manheim Steamroller.

Because that reminds me that her dad works (worked?) for American Gramaphone, which makes me think of her.

Not that it upsets me, mind you.

It's just there, I guess.

You're still in the back of my head, Annie.

And occasionally, you pop out and say hello.


What used to be next to my apartment was a massive area of overgrowth. Trees and weeds used to be my neighbors.

But someone has purchased the land, and is in the process of building condos on it.

So of course, the first thing that has to happen is clearing the land. So it was funny to have trees one day when I left for work; and then when I got home, have a big gaping hole.

Over the weekend, they finished with the last couple of trees that were left, and now the land has been completely cleared. So it's like someone built a skyline that I didn't have before.

I kind of miss the trees. But it's interesting to see things that have always been there, just at a different angle.

Wonder if I'll still be here to see what goes up next door now.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

I never get THAT emotional.

Except tonight, apparently.

So on my long list of cable channels, up pops Big Fish. I had always wanted to see this movie, but I'm one of those that absolutely has to see it from the beginning. No starting in the middle for me. So catching it right from the start, and hearing my roommate tell me how good it is, I figure tonight is the night.

And what a great movie it is. Something I still enjoy, even into these adult years, is a good fairly tale. Something in me is not willing to give up on finding a good story. Something I hope I never lose, actually.

And what Big Fish is trying to find the line where truth and fantasy begin. Where you can tell a story, and tell the truth, but not.

And finding that that isn't a bad thing.

Anyways, it's probably best that I watched it by myself. Because when everything comes together...when the son GETS it....it took me a second to realize I was crying. Openly crying, sobbing, you name it.

Surprised me really. I can get caught up in movies, TV, whatnot. I can get emotional over characters but never like that.

It's an odd feeling where you're crying...but it's a jumble of emotions.

So that said, I highly recommend this one. And maybe you should keep some Kleenex handy.

Just in case.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

When I can't sleep.

Best sight from the road trip to Tiny Pebble, AR and back: The "Mad Butcher" Store. Nothing makes me want a cut of meat more than the possibility the man doing the work could be the last person I want holding a sharp, pointy, deadly cutting instrument.


Why can I not get her out of my head? This has never happened before. I've never been so annoyed, never wanted nothing to do with someone and at the same time want her more than anything. STILL. Is this obsession? Is it love? Is it me just not knowing what the hell it is when it comes to her?

Annoyed not the right word. Not wanting to do anything is too strong. Like everything, I should be looking in the middle.

Happy medium.


I hate it when I just can't fall asleep.


On the other hand, we're getting a cool new toy at work.

So things aren't so bad. All comes out in the wash and all that.

Could use a new book to read though.

Doesn't matter. I waste too much time with my face in the internet. Not good. Too much of anything can be a problem.

Except love.

And pleasant weather.

Happy mediums. Happy mediums.


(And I keep hitting the wrong key and type it SHIGT each time)

I haven't fit in a medium in a loooooong time. How long before the XL isn't enough?

Hope never, really. Probably wouldn't hurt to eat a few more salads and tear myself away from the monitor for a little walking around.

THOUGHT SHIFT (did it again)

I live in a lousy town for a walk. It's not like I can just bop out for a jaunt and land anywhere. Not close to a coffeehouse or newsstand or bookstore. Don't really want to hang in a Circle K, you know.

I enjoy cities you can walk in. Something about it makes you AND the city feel a bit more alive.

Philly was like that...so was Chicago. The way you could just walk to the train and then walk to your destination gave it...a novelty maybe? Once the novelty wore off, would I find it just as interesting to drive somewhere?

You can walk in New Orleans. I have that if I want. But I don't have the urge to walk the Quarter. I've done it before. Not big enough. And every time I'm there, it's usually a tourist time. Hell, it's that year round.

Would I live in the Quarter? I dunno. It's quaint I guess.

If I did live somewhere, I'd like to have a balcony with a view of water.

"If I did live somewhere" That mean I'm not living NOW?


I really wish I could just go to sleep, y'know? Maybe I should lie down instead of typing.